Tips to keep your pet healthy and safe during holiday season

Pet tips for holiday season

Tips to keep your pet healthy and safe during holiday season

November is in full swing and with that means many things. For most people, the holiday season will soon be starting. Whether it be Thanksgiving or Christmas, there’s a good chance families and friends will be visiting and pets will be in the mix too.

At Beesley Animal Clinic, we know how important this time of year can be for all, so we’ve compiled a few steps to keep your pet health and safe during the upcoming season.

Holiday obstacles

In most cases, food will be prepared and many new decorations will hit the home during the next couple of months. Keep foods such as chocolate and other items that may be alarming to pets out of reach. If you are making homemade items with scents and perfumes, then keep them sealed an protect as well. And most of all, when decorating make sure items that cats or dogs could choke on are out of sight. 

Also take deep consideration with costumes and holiday themed accessories. If your dog normally wears a collar, it is fine to switch it with a holiday collar as this would still be commonplace, but use caution with other costumes and fitted clothes. Some may have items that could be choking hazards or other


Numerous people travel with pets each year. While you want to be comfortable while traveling, its is the same thought that pets want the same requirements. Pack their toys, bowls, medication and other items you would have around the house. New territory can be unfamiliar and they should have the less stress as possible.

It is also good to know if your pet is equipped for travel. In some cases, it may be better for the pet to stay at home or find another source of dog and cat lodging.

Health and medical conditions

There is no doubt that pet owners will be busy, but that doesn’t mean they should skip regular appointments for their pet. Annual vaccinations, spay and neuter services and heartworm testing should all be enacted during this time. It should be business as usual and pets shouldn’t take a backseat to the chaos of the season.

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