Tips for a healthy cat

Tips for a healthy cat

Cat owners are amazed each day by cats. Their intelligence and the wild things they do around the home will keep many owners entertained for days.

Once you gain the trust of a cat, they will be your best friend. So with the cat’s best interest in mind, you will naturally want your cat to be healthy and of course happy. Below are a few tips to help you along.


As a human, food is important and the same goes for cats. Bad nutrition can lead to bad health. Meat is important and so is protein. Proteins are necessary for growth and development and are important in a cat’s immune system. While the most expensive food is not always the top choice, take note and compare the source of the food and what each selection contains.

Cat Naps

Most cats can sleep anywhere from 12-16 hours per day. That is a great portion of the day so a proper bed and sleeping conditions are important for the cat. Just like a human would like a large bed and soft pillows, a cat desires the same.


Cats can do many things on their own, but it is good to help with their grooming efforts. By brushing your cat, you can help prevent hairballs.

Time with your cat

In all scenarios, a relationship is a two-way street. By spending time with your cat, the benefit will yield great results for both you and the cat.

Pet Care

Vaccinations, tests and proper spay and neuter practices should not be ignored. Responsible pet ownership is vital and taking proper measures for your cat’s health is a necessity.

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