The importance of spaying and neutering a cat

The importance of spaying and neutering a cat

The topic of cat’s reproduction system may not be on the mind of many, but if you’re a pet owner then it is always good to know the basics.

In regard to cats, a female cat can reproduce around the age of six to nine months, and they usually breed between the months of January and September. For most heat cycles, they can occur every two to three weeks. A female cat’s pregnancy is around 65 days and in most cases a female cat may have four to six kittens in a litter.

The following infographic from Gato Avocado details the female cat and the exponential reach of kittens and the reproduction cycle.


So why is it important to spay or neuter your cat? In most scenarios, a cat that has been spayed and neutered generally make better, loyal pets. Spaying a female pet can eliminate the heat cycle while neutering a male pet can stop the mating drive. In turn, the cats will be healthy and it will help maintain the cat population with less strays and abandoned animals.

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