Keep pets in mind during Christmas season

Keep pets in mind during Christmas season

If you’re reading our latest post, then you’ve survived the Thanksgiving holiday.

Next up, Christmas. If you haven’t already began the process of decorating for the days ahead, then we have a few tips for you to keep in mind if you’re a pet owner.

Christmas trees
Whether artificial or natural, make sure a tree is properly secured. Cat or dog, large or small pet – all can tip a tree while causing injury. If you do go the route with a live tree, then make sure the water is covered properly so pets can not drink from the base. If there are certain fertilizers or additives in the water then this can make a pet sick.

Tinsel and twine
There is no doubt a cat loves string and it’s abundant during the holiday season. If they swallow string or tinsel, then it can upset their stomach and digestive tract. If possible, other paper wrapping options should be explored.

Lights and decorations
When lighting your tree or decorating, try to keep wires and other breakable items out of reach. Electrical shock could be a result of mismanaged wires while a cat or dog may try to play with glass ornaments and other items and break them.

While our main emphasis revolves around spay and neuter practices, we encourage all to keep pets in mind during the Christmas season.

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