Holiday party and entertaing tips for pet safety

Holiday party and entertaing tips for pet safety

It’s only a few short weeks until Christmas and parties, gatherings and house decorations are in full swing. In our last post, we looked at a few decorating tips to consider with pets in the house.

This time around we are going to look at a few pet safety tips regarding food and parties. While many owners may know the risk of a few of these items, guests and attendees should also be aware of the risks of giving pets food items that are harmful.

Below we’ve outlined a few items to consider when party planning and entertaining with pets in the home.

Holiday Party Pet Safety Tips


For most pet owners, chocolate is a known concert for dogs and cats alike as it can cause heart issues. Other sweetener like xylitol should not be ignored as well. It’s mostly found in candy and can be very harmful to dogs.


Not only do humans enjoy leftovers but dogs can swarm the table or kitchen wanting that last bit of food as well. Any leftover turkey bones can cause blockages so if they do get into the leftovers, then be sure to check for bones.

Treats and toys

Are you wanting to get your dog or cat a gift? Look for treats that are digestible and stay away from string and ribbon toys for cats. Cats love to play with these types of items, but they get stuck in the intestines and you’ll more than likely have a trip to a Murfreesboro vet in line. Look for natural treats or toys with catnip and other soft items.


This should be a known fact, but keep alcohol away from pets. Chances are they won’t partake, but pay attention and place drinks away from pets. Alcohol is toxic and your pet could become sick because of it.  

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