Halloween pet safety tips

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Halloween is only a few days away and it will be filed with many spooky and strange happenings. While we focus on the safety of children at this time and trick or treating, we should also not ignore pets. As young kids can sometimes see the frightening but fun aspects of the season, so can cats and dogs. At Beesley Animal Clinic, we’ve outlined a few pet safety tips for Halloween.

  • Noise and stress:  Cats and dogs can feel stress with sudden changes in their environment. Noises, lights and people knocking at the door can make them uneasy. So keep their health in mind around the holiday.
  • Costumes:  Everyone loves a good cat in a Halloween outfit picture floating around Facebook or social media, but people tend to like them more than animals do.Whether it be a cat or dog, a costume can have different effects such as tightness or they can be a hazard for walking or even choking.
  • Door Safety: If you are having a party at home or entertaining trick-or-treaters, pay close attention to cats and dogs. If they are already stressed, there is a chance for them to run outside. If possible, it may be best to put them in a closed room until the night is finished.