Free feral cat spay/neuter special continues

Free feral cat spay/neuter special continues

Our free feral cat spay/neuter special continues! We have a few spots still available so act now!

In honor of National Feral Cat Day (October 16th) the Beesley Animal Clinic is offering Spay or Neuter surgeries, Rabies Vaccination, and Feline Distemper vaccinations for 10 cats. Please call for surgery appointment information.

Please, no more than two per person. These cats must be healthy! No goopy eyes and stuffed up noses. This is for homeless cats only. Feral cats must be brought in using a live humane trap like havahart traps. Cats will get a left ear tip to indicate to others they have been spayed/neutered. Socialized strays or kittens are not part of this feral special. If you took in a stray, that does not count. We want to help those kitties who have no home such as the cats behind restaurants, hotels, and those hanging around apartment complexes.

“Feral cat describes a domestic cat which has been born in the wild, or the descendants of such an animal, which has had little or no contact with humans, and thus is not socialized.”- Wikipedia

Please call the Beesley Animal Clinic at 615-890-6878 for appointment information. And again, this is for HOMELESS cats only. The Beesley Animal Clinic is located at 2215 Keeneland Commercial Blvd, Murfreesboro, TN 37127. If you have questions about services or appointments, please all the clinic staff at  615-890-6878. Questions about medical services can’t be answered on this page. Thanks!

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